VW EPC Light And Car Shaking – How To Fix Your Volkswagen?

VW EPC Light And Car Shaking

You could notice that one or more display lights emerge when operating your Volkswagen. While driving, you could simultaneously notice that the automobile is shaking. Are you seeking information on the cause and solution of your VW EPC Light And Car Shaking issue?

This article addresses EPC Light And Volkswagen Car Shaking; and how to determine what went wrong with your VW automobile.

VW EPC Light And Car Shaking

Any significant issues with the gasoline or ignite systems are indicated whenever the VW EPC light goes on.

A pressure leak and even broken engine mounting that would have to be rebuilt might cause the vehicle to shake.

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EPC Warning Light: What Does It Mean?

The electrical controllers for vehicle systems are becoming increasingly complex each year. Sensors and processors control the brakes, stability, motor systems, gearbox, and other car components; increasing dependability and security but necessitating frequent maintenance.

Electronic Power Control Indicator Light is what the acronym EPC warning means. It suggests problems with VW chassis, grip, and power steering. It aids in maintaining your automobile. The EPC indicator light could indicate other significant problems that might also impact the vehicle’s operation.

The motor, power source, or braking system will be the most likely candidate for trouble if you discover that now the indicator has turned on. You should check and repair the broken part as quickly as possible if such an automobile begins to shake since this might indicate a motor mounting breakdown or a pressure leak.

How To Repair The Car When EPC Lights Up?

Over decades, the EPC light may be changed in various ways in Volkswagen cars. The presence of one or more fault codes in any of the control systems is indicated by the EPC indicator light being illuminated. Verifying the control system module’s fault codes may resolve an EPC problem most easily.

The engine management device, ABS controller, driving control module, and gearbox control system must all be scanned for any recorded error codes. OBD1 & 2 scanning tools may help vehicle owners rapidly identify the reason for the EPC signal. The error messages will show the EPC caution light’s possible primary causes.

Next, look for dirt and graphite buildup in the exhaust manifold. Verify that the valve body’s connectors are securely fastened. Lastly, if any problems are found, consider repairing or changing the broken pieces of the car.

The EPC light should instantly go out after the underlying issue has been located and resolved. The light may occasionally need to be adjusted, and failure codes cleared using the scanning tool.

What Causes The Shaking Of A Volkswagen?

You might be experiencing shaking or tremors due to various mechanical problems.

  • Defective Ignition Coil

You might feel this shaking when the automobile is stationary or moving slowly. Engine malfunctioning or trembling are symptoms of a bad ignition coil.

The most effective fix is to swap out the damaged ignition coil for an upgraded ignition coil. When you’re done, the trembling ought to cease. 

  • Brake Pads’ Irregular Rear Surface

The unequal rear disc brakes might have a variety of causes. Friction and lubricant loss, among some other reasons, might be the cause.

Please verify that the rotor is well within specs by having it examined. The next is to make the discs conform to standard or change the brake caliper with a fresh one if the discs are out of specifications.

  • Uneven Tires

The majority of the time, automobiles shake due to this. These are particularly obvious while moving quickly. The wheels will eventually stop meeting specifications. The automobile will shake and have additional problems if the load is not distributed correctly due to imbalanced tires.

Visit a reputable tire care facility immediately to have your tires balanced, with the pressure and orientations adjusted. When traveling at full speed, shaking must be noticeably reduced.

  • The Engine Mount Has Been Damaged

To support any Volkswagen motor, an engine mounting is used. It improves balance, lessens engine vibrations, and slows torque movement inside the vehicle. When a mount is destroyed, the engine shakes the car firmly and causes severe swaying.

Repairing or replacing the broken engine mounting is the answer. Because the support has been replaced, the engine is now securely fastened to the automobile, which reduces interior vibration.

  • Injector With A Defect

Pumping the fuel required for ignition is the responsibility of said fuel injector. There won’t be enough gasoline injected for ignition, which will cause the motor to misfire.

The injector may need to be replaced for proper operation if, following examination, you find that it has damage.

  • The Driveshaft Is Damaged Or Unbalanced

The driving shaft would shake violently if broken or out of balance. Whenever you accelerate, you can feel this shaking. It is preferable to have a professional inspect and replace the driveshaft connection in cases when the driveshaft is fractured.

The ideal remedy is to repair the driveshaft component that has been broken. Or, for best results, have a Volkswagen professional fix your automobile.

  • Engines That Are Worn Out Or Fatigued

Engines that are sold out will experience low air pressure, poor pressure, or a malfunction. Leakage is one potential cause of this poor pressure.

The motor of the VW automobile may need to be replaced entirely, but most shaking problems may be resolved by simply repairing the damaged portion of the motor. Run a check on your car to identify the specific engine component that’s malfunctioning, then try to fix it.

Is It Okay To Drive A Shaking VW Car With EPC Lit?

Yes, it is! After the EPC light illuminates, it is often safe to continue driving for a little while. While it may be able to operate a trembling VW vehicle with the EPC light up, it’s not recommended and is unpleasant. Usually, you’ll feel a decrease in power, which makes driving difficult.


How can the VW EPC Light And Car Shaking problem be resolved? Any significant issues with the gasoline or combustion system are indicated whenever the VW EPC light goes on. A pressure leak and even broken engine mounting, which would have to be rebuilt, might cause the vehicle’s tremble.

Often simply resetting the failure notice on the vehicle’s panel is insufficient if you notice a vibrating car and an EPC signal on the panel. For your car’s repair, we advise taking it to the closest VW service facility. To remedy the issue, kindly head right to a local repair shop.

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