How To Reset Throttle Position Sensor In Ford?

how to Reset Throttle Position Sensor

The throttle position sensor is a part that works with your vehicle’s engine. If you have noticed that your vehicle acceleration isn’t efficient as it used to be, there is an unsmooth engine, or perhaps difficulty changing the gear. These are the possible reasons your throttle position sensor in Ford needs to be reset. Hence, if you are a person who owns a vehicle and has experienced these issues, this article will help you figure out how to reset throttle position sensor in ford.

In general, the throttle is what allows air to flow into the engine to combust and produce power, and we can explain it as follows.

When the gas pedal, also known as the accelerator, is compressed, the throttle valve opens. When this opens, the throttle position sensor measures the airflow and the fuel taking it and is transmitted to the engine.

The throttle position sensor is vital to measure the right amount of air-fluid taken from the throttle valve when you press the gas paddle; there is no way for your engine to work effectively without the throttle position sensor.

Signs Of A Bad throttle Position Sensor

Your vehicle might show signs that your throttle position sensor needs a reset.

Below are a few signs that your throttle position sensor is not in good condition.

  • When your engine light ignites and starts to flash continuously, this indicates that your engine is not on good terms and probably can be the cause of driving that has caused damage to the throttle body.
  • Acceleration shows poor performance, while you will find it challenging to shift your gear.
  • Your vehicle may not be able to maintain speed because of the varying fluid flow quantity to the engine through the throttle valve.
  • Your fuel reduces without reason.
  • Also, Your vehicle will make unusual noises and with unexpected jerks and buckling,

How To Reset Throttle Position Sensor In Ford?

It is best to replace your throttle position sensor and clean it before you can reset the throttle position sensor in your vehicle. It increases the efficiency in resetting your throttle position sensor on Ford. The complete process might take 4 – 5minutes of your time.

However, resetting your throttle position sensor in Ford is different from replacing your throttle position. It depends on the condition of your vehicle if you need to return or reset the throttle position sensor.

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To reset the throttle position sensor in Ford,

  • first off, you need to grab your keys and turn your vehicle to ignition mode, and you will hear a ticking sound in your car to show a sign that your car is on. It might take a few seconds to stop.
  • Slowly step on the gas pedal on your vehicle and gently press after the ticking sound ends; make sure you don’t step on the gas pedal unless the ticking stops.
  • Give a gentle pressure while pressing your accelerator to push the throttle in, and release the paddle as fast as possible.
  • Turn your key off, but this is not the end of the process, Turn your key onto the ignition mode and repeat the process two more times and three times in total.
  • Once you turn off the ignition mode for the third time, restart your vehicle, and that will be the end of resetting the throttle position sensor on the Ford.

Before you replace the throttle position sensor, Ford, always keep in mind to adhere to safe practices, to risk yourself from injury,

Using safety gloves and a mask can prevent you from personal injury.

To replace your old one, you will need screwdrivers, pliers, an impact driller, and a new throttle position sensor.

In most superficial forms, your throttle position sensor can be replaced by

  • Disconnect or unplug the negative terminals as a first step
  • Second, you can use screwdrivers to unmount the sensor electrical connector and keep the screws safe as you might need them when you replace a new one.
  • Now you can replace your throttle position sensor and mount it with screws
  • Once you have replaced your throttle position sensor, attach the electrical connector and plug the negative terminals back.
  • Start your engine.

How to Prevent Problems In Throttle Position Sensor Ford

Apart from all the facts about a bad throttle position sensor, you don’t have to worry about if you took necessary precautions before anything gets worse in your vehicle. Below you will learn to take the measures to prevent problems in the throttle position sensor ford.

  1. Keep your throttle body and throttle position sensor clean, as carbon can build around the plate of your sensor. Keep in a note to unplug the negative terminals and electrical connector. It would be best to clean your throttle position sensor every so often, and we recommend you to practise it once every two weeks.
  2. Check if your throttle position sensor has any damage because there are possibilities for cracks in the sensor.
  3. Adjust your throttle cable to ensure it does not lose and can prevent from giving incorrect signals to your sensor to measure the airflow and fluid into the engine
  4. Check your engine light, and if your engine light ignites without your conscience, it could be a sign that your engine has a problem.


The throttle position sensor plays a significant role in your vehicle and impacts your engine. It controls the engine, by providing the necessary signals through the throttle valve, to the throttle position sensor, also known as the TPS measuring the required amount of airflow and fluid to the engine.

Coming to an end, we have explained how to reset  throttle position sensor on ford in your vehicle and the related topics to the main point. Speaking of the signs of a bad throttle position sensor, how to replace and reset a throttle position sensor, and the measure that could be taken to prevent the problems in the throttle position sensor of your vehicle.

If you had a vehicle and experienced any signs of a bad throttle position sensor, we hope this article helps you reset the throttle position sensor on ford in your car.


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