How to Clean Textured Plastic Car Interior? [Simple Steps]

how to clean textured plastic car interior

Maintaining your automobile correctly on the interior and the outside can help it retain its worth and be a point of pleasure for yourself. How to clean textured plastic car interior?

In a nutshell

How to Clean Textured Plastic Car Interior? 

1. Use a moist cloth to clean all embossed plastics.

2. Use an APC cleaning fluid to spritz a small, controllable area.

3. Use a detailed brush to scrape the grains that are textured.

4. Use a soft cloth to dry any plastics or vinyl.

5. Continue until every surface is spotless.

6. Use a good UV plastic protector.


Based on its manufacturer, price range, and use it is intended for, a car’s interior decoration may differ. Regardless of the industry, the dash with trim components of most cars will be made of a variety of plastics.

Inside the cracks of the surface, textured plastics tend to accumulate filth and debris. It is impossible to remove the dirt from the grain texture by just washing the area with a general-purpose cleanser. To restore the fresh appearance of textured plastics, you’ll have to be a bit harsher.

A bumpy plastic inside would require a little more work to clean than a level surface because of the cracks. We’ll explain to you “how to clean textured plastic car interior” within that post.

What Do You Require?

These were some of the supplies you’ll have to do before you can begin the cleanup itself.

Towels Made of Spotless Microfibre

The mobile cleaning supplies for the area of plastic trimming of any automobile should be cleaned with microfiber cloths.

The Vacuums

It’s not necessary to use a powerful vacuum. To maintain the cleanliness of the trimmings, you may substitute a smaller portable vacuum.


This brush is available even though it is not required since it will enable you to access areas that regular microfiber cloths won’t be capable of cleaning.

Towel for Cleaning Vehicles

To remove any remaining water when you plan to clean the surfaces of the vehicle’s inside trimmings, use the automobile drying cloth.

Interior Sanitizer

The purpose of the inside cleanser is to guarantee that the cleaning solution you use is effective. 

Protection for Plastic

A plastics protectant is the next solution you wish to use. It adds a protective barrier toward the area on the moldings to shield it against stains as well as the damaging effects of UV light.

How to Clean Textured Plastic Car Interior?

Let’s get started with the proper cleaning procedure now that you are aware of the necessary equipment and materials. To get a pristine, significant harmful rough plastic inside, strictly adhere to the methods below.

Step 1

Remove the majority of the dirt and debris from the area of your car’s interior using a moist, lint-free piece of fabric. Vacuuming the surface is another option. Mist internal elastic cleanser inside the car afterward when, and use a brush to wipe any tough-to-remove dirt and debris out from particles and openings of the adaptable interior parts of the choppy automobile.

Step 2

Upon that rough surface, mist the finest cleaner for the vehicle inside the plastic. Never over-saturate the spraying on such a vehicle’s interior components; doing so will need you to remove a lot of residues.

Observe This Tip: It is best to wipe the area after applying the cleanser on the towel. This one will stop you from over-spraying chemical cleaners for the inside of an automobile in other locations.

Step 3

If you think there’s no longer any cleaning on that microfiber cloth, dampen it again. The moist cloth won’t be sufficient to remove all of the dust off rough flexible substrates, so it will additionally require the use of brushes. Brushing bristles may enter cracks and holes with ease.

Advice: When using a brush, avoid being very rough with it to avoid damaging the elastic’s fragile components.

Step 4

After you’ve finished cleaning, scraping, and spraying, remove any remaining cleanser that has become stuck to the filth before it dries.

The finest cloths to utilize for this job are microfibre ones since they can absorb a ton of wetness and still leave a rough surface that is dust-free. Microfiber also has the benefit of being lint-free because then you can be confident that dirt won’t be tracked back into the car’s interior.

Step 5

Continue the preceding process until you are confident that your vehicle’s inside plastic is clear of oil and grime.

Step 6

The final step is to protect your rough plastics from harm. We advise applying the highest caliber protectant for it, though. The elastic products are protected from UV deterioration by the protector, which also prevents oil and debris from adhering to the area.

Best Cleaning for Interior Vehicle Plastic

Embossed plastic may get discolored as well as unclean, making a surface that is already challenging to clean much more challenging. Smudges are difficult to remove since they don’t just rest on the plastic’s base. Inside the plastic’s holes, particles are entangled.

Cleansing internal plastics inside a vehicle should be done with all-purpose cleansers. All sorts of inside automobile and truck materials, even embossed plastics, are quickly freed from the ties that soot has had with them.

Additionally, these are suitable for nearly any material, so you should not be concerned about them becoming highly violent and maybe damaging some materials.


Even though a dirty car inside might be revolting and unattractive, washing it improperly can exacerbate the problem or even leave damage. This is the reason why the ‘how to clean textured plastic car interior’ article was published.

Plastic is used both inside and outside of your automobile. Vacuuming should be done first, followed by the application of a delicate cloth as well as a plastic-safe solvent to wash the inner plastic. Washing the automobile first, using a solvent to clean any plastic on the outside of your vehicle. Use some form of protective barrier to cap off your cleansing efforts.

Our goal is to provide hygienic, pleasant travel for both drivers and guests.

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