How Much does A Bobcat Machine Weigh?

How Much does A Bobcat Machine Weigh?

How much does a bobcat machine weigh? The following paragraphs will discuss the weights of several varieties of skid steers.

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How Much Does a Bobcat Machine Weight? The biggest equipment is the Bobcat S850, weighing 10,008 lbs (4,166 kg). Additionally, the Bobcat S330, the second-heaviest vehicle, weighs 9185 lbs (4100+ kg). Similarly, the Bobcat S570 has a 50% lifting capability and weighs 6500 lbs.

Bobcat vehicle

Using a bucket mounted on the front of the truck, the Bobcat loader is a large piece of equipment that transports materials. The loader enables the user to load materials onto such a platform or transport materials from one location to another.

When a loader has the right attachment, it may also dig a section of ground. These rail loaders are excellent for transporting materials like gravel, clay, or sand to building sites, particularly on soft, muddy, and rainy ground.

For more than 60 years, Bobcat has served as a household name and a pioneer in producing small equipment. The items offer every function, level of comfort, and degree of durability. The business is known for its creativity, and according to Bobcat, it has transformed its product portfolio.

Thanks to their fast couplers, various attachments may be mounted instead of the conventional bucket on these devices. When hired, these accessories, which include plungers, crushers, and graders, could be configured for your particular purpose. These trucks include a covered cab to shield the driver from injury in the event of an accident.

Typical Applications for Skid Steers

The following list contains a few typical tasks for skid steers.

Snow removal

Snow could also be removed off a route using a snow shovel or a cutting blade adapter in much more extreme cold circumstances or by using the bucket itself.


A skid steer may be utilized for digging projects by using accessories like the plow, trencher, or wheeled saw.


The equipment could be fitted with a concrete mixer or a sidewalk grinder for development or building projects.


The trench excavating, stump grinding, tree spading, wood chipping, and stump grinding extensions on a skid steer serve as excellent equipment for maintenance. At the same time, the pallet prongs and bale spikes make it a fantastic instrument for agricultural and warehousing activities.

Digging and Bending

Trench digging and excavating with backhoe, drill, and ditch excavator accessories is among the most common uses for such a skid steer.

How much does a bobcat machine weigh?

Based on the model, a Bobcat loader’s mass might vary significantly. However, the span is frequently between 1,500 and 12,000 pounds. A filled skid steer typically weighs around 7,500 lbs.

The Bobcat S70 is 1291 kg heavy. Having an operational capacity of 2,795 lbs, it is an S70 small loader type. In contrast, the S750’s operational weight was 8,730 lbs. Another 46-horsepower piece of equipment with a maximum weight of 2.5 tons seems to be the Bobcat 763 Skid Steer Excavator.

Without attachments, the innovative Bobcat S70 ski assist is just 71.4 inches in height, 35.4 inches broad, and 75.5 inches in length, which makes it particularly suitable for operating in confined locations. The S70 is lightweight at 2,845 pounds, making it simple to transport.

The liquid-cooled, 75 HP diesel engine that powers the Bobcat S205 is available. Gain 16.3 GPM plus 6655 pounds of weight in addition to this. Additionally, purchase a seven mph, two-speed skid loader version. 

Weight ranges from 2000 pounds to 10,500 pounds for a skid steer, with a weight of about 7,300 pounds as the median. This diversity exists as a result of various brand as well as model requirements.

How Much does A Bobcat Machine Weigh?

Weight at Operation.

 3245 kg.

 7154 lb.

 Size of the bucket.

1727 mm.

68 in.

 Height including Cab.

2045 mm.

80.5 in.

 Traveling at a low rate.

11.8 km/h.

7.4 mph.

 A broad range of travel speeds.

17.7 km/h.

11.0 mph.

How Much does A Bobcat Tractor Carry That is The Thickest?

The Bobcat S850 seems to be the bobcat loader that weighs the most. Given that it weighs 10,088 lbs. (4166 kg), the Bobcat robot is said to be the largest.

A Bobcat S330 tractor, which measures 9185 lbs. (4166 kg) in weight, seems to be the second-heaviest Bobcat equipment.

Several Illustrations Skid Steer Mass

Companies like Bobcat, John Deere, as well as Kubota are a few that will lose popularity. Almost all weigh about the same whenever it relates to their individual models. 

S64 Bobcat.

2,300 lb is the maximum operating capability.

4600 lb is the tipping weight.

6974 lb. operational weight

75-Kubota SVL.

3,278 lb is the maximum operating capability.

6,556 lb is the tipping load.

9039 lb Operating Capacity

332G John Deere

3,600 lb is the maximum operating capability.

7,200 lb is the tipping load.

10,000 pounds is the operating weight.

The Gehl V420, which weighs 11,665 pounds and has a rated working capacity of 4,200 lbs, is the largest skid steer.

Why are Skid Steers so Heavy?

The typical automobile barely weighs 4,000 pounds, so this is a reasonable question. A skid steer’s counterweights contain the bulk of its weight. The skid steer’s lifting capacity would be drastically reduced without the counterbalance.

To maximize the Maximum Capacity, many devices even provide the choice to add additional counterweight.


The counterbalance in skid steers makes them notoriously hefty. When the buckets get empty, a skid steer’s load is distributed 30% in front and 70% in the rear. The load is uniformly distributed after the buckets are filled, resulting in equal traction for both sets of tires.

Skid pulls are simpler to refute with the hefty rear bumper, but the heavy back end also makes it more difficult to ascend steep slopes because its front tires float across the ground whenever the bucket is empty.

One of the most popular skid steer accessories that will broaden the utility of the fleet is listed here, along with an estimate of the weight the vehicle will gain while using them.

Pallet Forks: This accessory adds about 390 pounds.

Augers for drill bits: Adds around 230 lbs.

Grab Buckets: These add about 700 pounds.

Brushing cutters: This adds about 2,000 pounds.

Box Razors: Increases weight by around 1,000 lbs.

Adds around 900 pounds are landscape skid steers.

Brooms: An additional 1,000 lbs.

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