How Long Does A Brake Job Take? Signs You Need To Change Brakes

How long does a brake job take

The basic function of a brake system in a vehicle is to used produce friction and stop a car. The brake system includes parts such as the brake pad, brake liners, brake rotors, brake calipers, etc. these parts in your brake system wear out over time, and it is necessary to repair and replace them when the parts in the system are worn out. Also, knowing how long does a brake job take is as important as doing a brake job.

When the brake paddle is pressed, the cylinder pumps fluid through the brake line with hydraulic pressure and reaches the calipers. The calipers produce friction to the rotating brake rotors causing the vehicle to stop.

The most common reason for the brake system parts to wear is friction that is caused by overheating, each part of the braking system has its own life according to the quality of the part purchased and the maintenance.

And also, when replacing or repairing the braking system parts, the time taken is different for each part depending on the condition.

Parts of Vehicle Brake System and How Long They Last

It is essential to know the parts of your braking system and the average life span of each part of the braking system. Below are a few parts of your braking system along with the necessary details,

Brake paddle

The brake paddle is the place where the brake is initiated. The average lifetime of the brake paddle lasts between 1- 5 years and the way you maintain it depends on the long life of your brake paddle.

Brake line

Brake lines carry the brake fluid with hydraulic pressure to the calipers and the brake rotors and can last up to 6 years.


Calipers are located behind your tire. Calipers work like a clamp, producing friction, causing your moving rotors to halt. It is best to check your calipers once every 12,000 miles.

Brake rotor

A brake rotor is a rotating disk and one of the main components of the brake system. When the brake pad is pressed, it causes the rotating disk to stop. A brake rotor can typically last between 30,000 – 70,000 miles.

Brake master cylinder

Most brake cylinders are divided into two parts for safety protection. The cylinder works out to push the hydraulic fluid into the brake lines from the brake fluid reservoir, making the brake system work smoothly. The lifetime of the brake master cylinder depends on the maintenance of your vehicle, which last approximately 60,000 miles – to 200,000 miles.

How Long Does A Brake Job Take?

A complete brake job can be time-consuming and is unpredictable to specify a time. Still, a brake job can approximately take 30 minutes – to 6 hours, depending on the condition of the parts, the type of vehicle, and the parts that need to be replaced.

How to do a brake job?

Before you start your work on the brake system, it is essential to investigate the brake system issue. Giving a thorough examination and focusing on each part of the brake system to find out the faulty part is essential.

After a thorough investigation,

  1. Replace or repair the brake paddles if necessary
  2. Change the brake lines if any leaks are noticed
  3. Examine the brake master tank for cracks and leakages. If there are issues, then replace the tank with a new one.
  4. Replacing brake rotor and drums if cracked or damaged
  5. Change the brake hardware if the brake paddles are replaced
  6. Watch for your caliper for any damages and rebuild and change if necessary.

Once you are done with the brake job, test the brake fluid and check for leakages.

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Signs the Brake System Is Not in Good Condition

Before you go for a brake job, there are probably signs that your brake system is not in good condition. Identifying the sign will help you determine if a brake job is necessary for your vehicle or not,

Below are a few signs given with a brief explanation,

  • Grinding noise – It could be a defect in your disk brakes when worn out. The grinding noise comes from the contact of metal points inside the brake system.
  • Squeaking noise – A squealing noise is heard when the brake paddles are pressed. The brake pad contacts the brake rotor, causing a squeaking sound when worn out.
  • Vibrating while braking – If your vehicle vibrates when pressing the brake paddles, your brake rotors are uneven and worn out.
  • Brake fluid Leakages – If your vehicle often runs out of brake fluid, you must check for the brake fluid level. It could be because of brake fluid leakages.
  • Soft brake – When pressing your brake pads, you feel no pressure is exerted as much as your effort. It could be the air and moisture in the braking system. Also, you will feel a resistance in the floorboard when pressing the brake paddle, and another could be related to your master cylinder. It is best to look for a mechanic professional
  • Burning smell – If you sense a robust chemical odor striking your nostrils, this is a red flag that your brake system is overheating. Let your vehicle cool down when the brake system overheats, and if there is smoke coming from your tires, it can be a defect in your calipers overheating.
  • Brake light on – The brake light will be the sign to indicate that your brake system is not doing well. When the brake light ignites, it is best to examine the problem quicker and take necessary actions for your safety.


Brake jobs are essential to maintain the condition of your vehicle and ensure safety. Examine for problems in the brake system and make sure to take the precautionary steps needed to repair the parts of the brake system

This article will guide how a brake job is done in basics and how long does a brake job take. Always maintain a good brake fluid level to work on the brake system smoothly, and a smooth brake system saves your budget from brake jobs.


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