How Far Can You Drive Without Key Fob? [Find Out]

how far can you drive without key fob

In today’s society, convenience reigns supreme, and individuals are looking for ways to make driving easy. A key fob may get used to starting a car without a key, thanks to the introduction of a keyless ignition switch. However, you might ask how far you can travel without a key fob. But you might be wondering how far you can drive without key fob? Or, in a situation key fob battery runs out or you misplaced the key fob? What to tho in these situations?

Quick Answer: In most cases, you can continue to drive after turning off the ignition. Then, to restart the automobile, you require the fob once more.

Well, we’ve got you covered. This article will help you in this regard.

Key Fob – Explained

A programmable gadget called a key fob gives users access to real things. A key fob, often referred to as a hardware token, offers one-factor authentication on-device to simplify the use of a system or device, including a car, system software, restricted area or room, smartphone, network service, or another type of keyless entry system.

In contrast to manual locks, a key fob does not require the user to use a genuine key to unlock the device. The key fob is much more practical and secure and enables remote access.

Physical security tokens that contain key fobs include smart or proximity cards or biometric keyless access fobs.

Key Fob – Working 

The key fob uses RFID technology to lock and unlock your car. When you press a button, a transmitter sends a signal to the vehicle’s locking system. Communication is two-way since your car can read tags stored in the key fob to confirm its identity.

It is safe to open and lock your automobile using this two-way communication. The unique key fob that has been programmed and approved by your car’s built-in computer system can only perform these functions. Due to the weak signal, the key fob’s transmitter and receiver have a constrained range. For this reason, it must be close by if you wish to carry out numerous tasks connected to the automobile.

How Far Can You Drive Without Key Fob?

So, depending on the specific vehicle, the answer to how far can you drive without key fob question varies. Some automobiles may automatically switch off when a key fob gets placed too far away from the car. Others only have a range of around 50 feet; if you go beyond that, the vehicle will shut off. In certain automobiles, driving without a key fob is feasible, but a code must get entered before the engine starts. Usually, the owner’s handbook or a sticker within the glove box includes the override code.

Key Fob Battery 

Users of key fobs may find this to be yet another confusing query. Your car will probably start when the battery in your key fob dies if the key is close by.

If it doesn’t, press the start button on your key fob to get a response. Over time, manufacturers learned that automobile owners occasionally struggle with such a dead key fob, so they programmed them to behave like a broken remote in such circumstances.

Depending on the settings, it could or might not start if you are required to insert the key fob to turn it on. We advise you to try it to learn how your automobile operates; this information will be useful in an emergency.

What If you Lost your Key Fob?

If you lose your key fob, you won’t be able to start or get inside your car. Purchase a new key fob or have a qualified mechanic work on the car. You may also need to have the car towed if you cannot start it.

Some automobile models feature an emergency key on the door lock, so you can still drive the vehicle even if you lose the fob key or pass away. If the fob is dead or out of range, it is still feasible to operate some automobile models by using an additional key on the door lock. If the spare key for your particular automobile model ends up on the door, you can take it off using a screwdriver. Be cautious not to harm your car in the process, though.

What are the Safety Tips for Using Key Fob?

Here are some of the tips to keep in mind

  • After getting out of the car, always remember to lock it.
  • Keep the engine off while not in use. Even if you’re far away, it won’t turn off on its own, and at best, it may drain your car’s battery; at worst, someone could drive off with it.
  • Try to park in secure areas if keyless entry opens the door anytime you are nearby.
  • Deactivate your key if you lose it. The procedure is often simple and depends on the key fob manufacturer.
  • Watch out for warning indications. The recent versions will notify you whenever the key is far away.
  • Keep an eye on your battery and keep it charged. When the battery is low, your automobile takes longer to detect it, and you might have to click more than once to receive a response.
  • Use a two-factor sign-in or install anti-malware software that fortifies your automobile against typical hacker techniques to prevent hacking.

Final Thought

The ability or answer to how far can you drive without key fob is convenient and safe for those who have trouble moving about. If your car has this capability, you may be able to access your vehicle if the key fob is lost or dead by using the manufacturer’s app.

Additionally, getting in touch with the manufacturer will fix the problem, although fees might be quite high. The manufacturers also utilize anti-theft technology to safeguard your automobile, making it the most practical choice.

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