Why Does Check Engine Light After Oil Change And How To Fix It

Check Engine Light After Oil Change

The oil change is one of the aspects that will help to increase the vehicle’s performance. When you drive a car without sufficient oil, you may encounter several issues. On average, most vehicles will need an oil change once in six months, while it may change according to the type of oil and the condition of your car. In this article, you will learn the causes for check engine light after oil change and how you can solve this.

Often the check engine light will illuminate if something is wrong in your vehicle; hence it is also called the malfunction indicator light. If you encounter a check engine light after oil change in your car, you might panic and wonder whether something is wrong with the vehicle. This article will provide all the required information if you are trying to figure out why the light illuminates after an oil change.

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When driving a vehicle, even an unusual noise coming from your car might make you predict something is wrong. Similarly, when the check engine light after oil change, the drivers often try to find the causes. Your check engine light might illuminate in yellow, orange, or amber color, depending on automobile manufacturers. When this light illuminates, it is a sign that there is a severe problem, so you must not try to ignore it when the check engine light illuminates.

This might be the first time you are experiencing the check engine light after oil change, and it may make you panic, but you don’t have to worry about it as this is something familiar that most drivers will face. By reading this article, you will be able to find the cause for this issue and the methods by which you can solve it.

Why Does Check Engine Light Eliminates After An Oil Change 

The check engine light on your vehicle will light as a sign of alert, and you will have to check on the issue. Many drivers often witness this light illuminating after there go for an oil change. If you’re wondering why to check the engine light after oil change, here are some causes for the light to illuminate.

  • Lack of Oil Pressure

Soon after filling the oil, your engine will not start to work as usual, and it may require some time to function correctly. Hence, the check engine light may blink because there will be low oil pressure until the oil starts to flow through the engine, and then the vehicle begins to perform adequately.

  • If You Don’t Reset the Oil Counter

When you are going for an oil change, the computerized system in your vehicle will not automatically know about the oil change if you don’t reset the oil counter. Therefore, this can also be why the check engine light illuminates.

  • Oil Cap Not Fixed Properly

Apart from the issue that may occur during the oil change, if you close the oil cap crookedly or not wholly close, there will be more airflow into the engine. As a result, the light will illuminate as airflow mess up the gas-air mixture.

  • Excessive Oil

When refilling the oil, you must consider the amount sufficient for the vehicle, as excessive oil is also not good for the car. Filling the oil excessively may cause a misfire, oil leak, smoke, and even your vehicle may fail to start. This is one of the reasons why the check light illuminates.

  • Improperly Fixing the Dipstick

By using the dipstick, you will be able to measure the oil level. So, when you go for an oil change after using the dipstick, you must place it in the dipstick tube and seal it properly. If you don’t properly seal with the ring, air may enter the engine; hence this will cause a check engine light after oil change.

  • Type of the Engine Oil

Depending on the viscosity, specific types of oil will suit the particular vehicle. If you are using a wrong grade oil, that will affect your vehicle’s performance, and as a result, you will see the check engine light illuminating.

These are some reasons why you must check engine light after oil change, and you may also encounter this issue if your vehicle has a faulty oxygen sensor, catalytic converter, or worn-out spark plug. It is also essential to know how to solve this problem which you will learn in the next section of the article.

Solution for Check Engine Light After Oil Change

  • If the oil pressure is low, leave the vehicle’s engine to work for some time, which will make the new oil circulate. When the oil flow takes place adequately, your vehicle will perform well. Suppose there is a faulty oil pressure sensor. You may have to fix or replace them.
  • Once you go for an oil change, by using the user’s manual, you will be able to reset the oil counter to fix the check engine light after oil change issues, and you may also get the help of a mechanic.
  • Check on the oil cap, and close it properly will solve the issue. In most cases, the check engine light after oil change is when you fail to close the oil cap correctly.
  • When you drive a vehicle with insufficient oil, it is hazardous. At the same time, excessive oil is also not good for your vehicle’s performance. Hence by using the dipstick, you can measure the quantity of oil in your vehicle after an oil change. If there is excessive oil, you can remove the excess via the drain pipe in your vehicle. 
  • By opening the hood, you can place the dipstick in the tube properly and seal it well. This fixes the check engine light after oil change issue.
  • It is essential to choose the correct oil grade for your vehicle. Several varieties of engine oil are available in the market, but everything will not work well on your vehicle, so decide on the type of oil that will suit your vehicle. If you have filled the wrong grade oil, you must remove it via the drain pipe, and then you will have to refill the oil tank with the correct oil grade.

We hope this article on check engine light after oil change will be helpful.

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