Can Someone Tow My Car Without Permission? – Complete Guide

Can Someone Tow My Car Without Permission

If your car is being towed, you may have to pay hundreds or thousands of times to have your car recovered from a towing company. If you experienced the same thing? Has your vehicle vanished from its parking spot? You might be thinking about that can someone tow my car without permission.

Compared to everything else we own, our cars are gems, our little but priceless possessions. Do you have similar feelings regarding your car? Every year, millions of automobile owners in the US have the unfortunate experience of having their vehicles towed. 

What causes this, and under what circumstances may a car gets towed without your consent? Keep on reading to know all about towing of cars.

How Can Someone Tow My Car Without Permission?

So, can someone tow my car without permission? Sometimes, the police may tow your car right in front of you. It can occur if they stop you and find a problem with your driver’s license or car paperwork.

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It’s crucial to understand the typical justifications the police and other organizations use to legally take your automobile away without your permission. After that, you may take all necessary steps to stop it from happening again.

The top reasons for towing your automobile against your will are below.

  • Parked On Private Property

Without the owner’s permission, you are not allowed to park your automobile on someone else’s private property. If you do, the owner has the right to have the car towed without your consent. The worst thing is that you, the car’s registered owner, are responsible for paying all towing service expenses.

A homeowner’s association manager may tow if your parked vehicle doesn’t adhere to the community’s parking regulations. For instance, if a townhouse neighborhood prohibits parking more than two automobiles per property. They would be granted the power to remove any extra vehicles parked on the owner’s driveway or other property.

  • A Suspended License Or No License At All

If the authorities catch you driving suspended licence or you don’t have one; they’ll probably arrest you and haul your car away without your permission. It’s against the law to drive without a valid driver’s license. The cops won’t let you off with a warning if your license isn’t in good standing.

  • Expired Vehicle Tag

The authorities would stop you if your vehicle’s license plate displays expired tags. It means that the expiration date on your vehicle’s registration has passed. The police have the power to haul your vehicle away if you don’t renew the car registration and you let it expire.

  • Unpaid Traffic Tickets

Your car might be towed if you have a number of unpaid traffic tickets that are passed due.

  • Illegal parking

Public parking lots have their own set of regulations. For instance, you can not park in an accessible parking area without displaying a valid disability tag or sticker on your car.

you cannot park in front of any fire hydrant or other public area designated a tow-away zone. Your vehicle will get hauled away if you don’t abide by these local rules.

  • Unsafe Vehicle For Driving

Your car might not be safe to drive on open streets, according to the police. They will pull you over immediately if the vehicle has damage that makes it unsafe to drive. Such as damaged brake lights, missing side view mirrors, or other issues. Your car will get hauled to a location of your choosing.

Another thing that might make a car hazardous to drive is a traffic collision. When a vehicle gets damaged in an accident, it could have functional or technical problems that make it harder for you to drive it safely. It is why so many automobiles involved in traffic accidents must get towed.

What To Do If Your Car Gets Towed?

Well, now you know, can someone tow my car without permission? So, if that happens, you have a few options when your automobile gets towed against your will. No matter whether it’s towed legally, you can get the car back.

You could do the following actions:

  • Ask For Release

You have the right to request a release even if having your automobile towed was the wisest course of action, and it is obvious that you are at fault.

Your automobile will remain in storage if you don’t request a release, and you’ll incur fees.

You must be the registered vehicle owner, possess a license, or most likely get accompanied by the owner to obtain a release.

  • Involve The Court

Occasionally, requesting a release seems to go unanswered, which is annoying. In this circumstance, the best action is to request a court injunction.

The police officer who had refused to release your car to you is likely to take the fall for you since he gets to pay the bills. Remember that if you leave your vehicle for an extended period, you will have to pay storage costs.

It is only evidence that after getting a court order, you wouldn’t spend anything outlandish, not that you wouldn’t spend anything at all. The simplest way to get your automobile back is to file a motion to release it.

Final Thought

Cars frequently break down or get stranded in ditches, which illustrates how essential towing services are. In such cases, the towing company needs your permission to tow your car. As this article demonstrates, it is not usually the case, and several significant exceptions permit non-consensual towing.

Whether you become the victim, get in touch with the appropriate authorities to find out if there are any fines or steps you need to do to get your automobile back.

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